How to Take the Best Selfie?

Taking selfies is not new, especially in our generation today, where it has become part of our daily routines. Let’s admit. We sometimes worry about how we look in our selfies and wonder which of them look better on our social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I bet it takes a lot of tries before you finally have that best selfie, and it is frustrating when you feel like you are pretty today, but your selfie does not go well as planned. 

Maybe, you are not just doing it right. Here are some tips for you to achieve the best selfie you never had:

Know Your Best Angle

Before you click the capture button, make sure to find the right angle. Right angle does not only mean YOUR angle but also the CAMERA’S angle, and they take a crucial part in having a good selfie. Most of you would agree- if not all, that no matter how good-looking you are, you always have a side of your face that you prefer in the camera and a side that you hate.

Lighting is the Key

Lighting is just as important as knowing your best angle. Of course, having a right angle is good, but a selfie taken with poor lighting will make a right angle useless. So, if you want to take a snap of a selfie, better look for a place with good and natural light to highlight your features.

Check Your Background

Our attention will probably focus on the main subject every time we look at a photo, so some might think that background is not essential in taking a selfie. However, background helps emphasize the subject, improving the quality of a selfie. If not adequate, others might find it distracting. For sure, you would not let people see the piles of laundry behind you, would you?

Express Yourself Naturally

You do not have to force a smile when taking a selfie. It is YOUR selfie, so try to keep things natural. Besides, being unnatural will never make your photo beautiful in the first place. Remember that nothing is more stunning than capturing a natural emotion or pose.

Spice Up Your Selfies with A Filter 

Before, we needed to buy DSLRs to take photos in high resolution. Today is different as we can use smartphones as an alternative. While nothing can beat the quality of photographs taken with digital cameras, mobile phones can also exceed your expectations. Apart from the high-end camera lens, phones are available with filters that can add color, contrast, and movement to your selfies. So, use filters but do not overdo it.

Now that you learn some tips on how to take the best selfie, why not try and take a snap? Play around with a profile on the snapchat site called DU Forums. You’ll find lots of snapchat friends to connect with. If you cannot still do it right, do not take it seriously. You will be like a pro as time goes by. If you have extra time and are eager to learn new skills, why don’t you enroll in a photography class? It will be worth it for sure. 

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