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PixDrop.com Free Picture Messaging To Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T, Formerly Cingular

Download FREE Picture Messages To Your Phone Worldwide!

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About PixDrop.com's Alternate Free Picture Messaging Method

Due to overwhelming demand PixDrop has developed an alternate (beta) method to send free picture messages. This alternate method offers users another way to get pictures from their computer to their phone. This method should work with all cell phone carriers around the world and on all mobile phones that have an internet enabled web browser. Your picture will be uploaded to a special mobile section of our site and you'll receive instructions on how to finish transferring the picture to your handset. We'll also send you a text message for free with the instructions and the direct link to your picture. You may be charged for data transfer by your carrier. Images up to 1MB may be uploaded with this method. Images are not resized or reformatted, so if you need to, make sure to resize your images before attempting to upload. Picture messages are stored for 7 days. After 7 days your images will be deleted and your image links will expire. You do not need to send yourself a text message to be able to transfer your pictures, so you can use this method anywhere in the world!

Be sure to bookmark our site and come back again when you need to send a picture to your phone.

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