It’s rare to find girls or even boys without a single ‘sexy’ photo posted on their social media wall regardless of relationship status these days. And when we say sexy, it automatically relates to nudity. I mean, every scroll we get on social media, we’ll surely see those kinds of photos that are a bit provoking. 

For young girls out there who might feel a little bit off taking those so-called ‘sexy photos’ or feel awkward asking even your closest friend for some advice, here are some ways of taking sexy photos without getting uneasy!

Find and Save the Right Sexy Selfies Inspiration

Getting nude doesn’t work best always, especially when you feel it’s “not you.” Being simply comfortable is still the number one thing to consider in taking photos.  

Since you’re on the surface, grab a lot of photos that are just right for that sexy selfie image that you picture on your head. Of course, be careful and choose the right sources wisely. Instagram and Pinterest, for example, have a lot of awesome photos with a variety of styles. You can also follow celebrities that you admire as ‘sexy,’ but only those who truly meet your standards. 

Find and Show Your Best Angle

Be Tricky! It must be hard for a newcomer, but take some special short time each day to look yourself closely at the mirror or imagine yourself doing the poses. Channel your Sherlock side of you, then keep your mind crafty!

Tips on finding your best angle? Find a part of your body that you believe is your assert, or you see as something powerful of you. For example, your legs (whether long or not), jawline, collarbone lines, waist, or hips should be accentuated. Then, get the best click with its right angle. 

Facial Expression and Posture is a Very Must

It is! It really is. If you’re taking a hard time finding the part of your body that you think is the most powerful, then it’s time to reroute your tactics. Always check yourself on how you look on your old photos first before taking a new one. It’s also a big Yay to consider your friends’ comments and reactions to your photos. 

Facial expression looks best when it’s the most natural. Also, show which one you feel the best at. On the other hand, your postures speak a lot about how confident you stand and portray yourself in front of the camera. 

Just relax and try imagining yourself as some professional model or celebrity. It doesn’t harm. Remove 

Practice Makes Perfect

There is no easy route to having a perfect shot. It is important to be patient with yourself and stay away from anything that may crush you within. Upload your picture on sites like the FFA app and looks for reactions. If you’re happy with the fuck app results, keep the photo going. If you feel like you’re getting negative feedback, change it. While building up confidence, never limit yourself …