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The Basics Of Picture Messaging And MMS

Years ago, sending a text message to someone meant typing a short message (usually abbreviated to conserve time, space and effort) and pressing "Send." But, times have changed and messaging has evolved. Today, cellular technology allows far more than most people had conceived was possible a few years ago.

What Is Picture Messaging And MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. It's the latest generation of messaging and picks up where simple text messaging stopped evolving. MMS allows messages in 4 different formats, including text, images, video and audio. Picture messaging (sending pictures or photos to others using your mobile phone) is a component of MMS. That is, MMS provides the protocol through which picture messaging is possible.

While text has its uses, it also presents limitations in how and what we choose to communicate to others. Often, pictures, audio and video functionality are more effective. For example, sending a sales presentation to a group of people or sending a map to a visiting customer was impossible before MMS.

How MMS Works

When a message is received, it can be delivered in 1 of 2 ways based upon how your mobile phone reacts when it receives notification of the message. Your phone can be programmed to instantly retrieve the message or simply notify you when a message is waiting to be retrieved. While the former can save time and offer a more fluid MMS process, the latter will allow you to ignore some messages, avoiding potential data transfer charges for pointless or unnecessary messages.

Picture messaging and MMS usage will likely continue to expand as a growing user base discovers new applications for the technology. Advertising opportunities may present a strong impetus for leading wireless carriers to push the technology into the hands of millions of subscribers over the next few years. Technology evolves quickly, driven by the hope for new sources of revenue. Naturally, there is increasing interest and demand for the type of communication the MMS protocol promises.

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