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PixDrop.com Free Picture Messaging To Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T, Formerly Cingular

PixDrop's iPhone App Vs. Other Free MMS Apps

For over 2 years the iPhone was without official picture messaging support. Over the course of these 2 years, multiple developers came up with picture messaging apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and now the iPad. Once Apple and AT&T rolled out picture messaging support on the iPhone you might think that would be the end of 3rd party MMS picture messaging apps for the iPhone — but that's not the case. Especially since iPod Touch and iPad users don't have an official way to send picture messages. PixDrop could have abandoned its idea of creating a free picture messaging app, and just let you choose one of the various MMS iOS apps out there in the App Store, but we felt it was necessary to bring PixDrop to iOS for a reason....because all other free picture messaging apps out there in the App Store SUCK!

They have ugly, and sometimes awkward, interfaces and a few of them just cost too much money for what they offer. We're going to give you a look at the other options for free MMS apps in the App Store and we'll show you why they suck and we'll, hopefully, explain why we decided to create PixDrop for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

PixDrop App - $2.99

PixDrop iPhone App

PixDrop's iPhone app is simple, straight-forward and, in our opinion, stylish. Something that most other iPhone apps fall short of. PixDrop's app consists of just one main screen, with the phone number field, which works with your contacts, the photo selector, which also lets you snap a photo, and the description field. Behind the scenes, PixDrop's app scales down your images in file size, without compromising quality, so the images are uploaded and sent fast, even if your on the slowest network, like a GSM EDGE network. We think that our $2.99 price is aggressively priced and worth the extra money when compared to these 99 cent apps, which we will get into in this article!

PicFree App - $5.99

PicFree iPhone App

Pinger's PicFree iPhone app is, in our honest opinion, the best alternative to PixDrop's free MMS app. PicFree is also pretty simple and straight-forward — select who you want to send the message to from your contacts, or enter their number, select a photo or take a photo, and type a message. It's pretty simple, and the interface isn't that bad, but we still feel like it's a little akward. The major downside to us, is that PicFree is priced at a whopping $5.99 in the App Store. That's more than double the price of PixDrop's mobile app. And for what? Nothing, as far as we can tell.

MMS Pro App - $3.99

MMS Pro App

MMS Pro app is an app that we thought was going to be interesting after reading the app description and feature list, but it fell short with its ugly design, awkward interface, and high price. Adding to the bad experience, we had to register to use this app, it only works on an AT&T iPhone according to the description, and the app does NOT offer unlimited messaging. You are capped at 30 messages before you have to start paying an additional 99 cents a month for 10 messages. Not a very good deal, in our minds.

Freedom MMS App - $1.99

Freedom MMS

Freedom MMS is another iPhone and iPod Touch app that let us down a little bit after our purchase. It's not bad for the price, but we had some issues with the carrier lookup, since our friends test phones had ported numbers. We were able to select the carrier manually but didn't know we had to go this route at first. Also, this interface just let us down and we felt like we were using a Windows Mobile app and not an iPhone app. Honestly, this isn't a bad alternative to PixDrop if you don't mind the ugly interface.

MMS Free App - $1.99

MMS Free iPhone App

If you want an app with one of the ugliest, and most awkward, interfaces available on the iPhone, MMS Free is for you. This is one of the apps that led to us creating PixDrop's app.

FreeMessage send sms+mms App - $1.99

FreeMessage Send SMS MMS App

First off, what is with the name of this app? How did Apple even allow them to have such a bad name? Also, you'll notice the horrid inteface that's borrowed from the MMS Free App, reviewed above. There are actually a few of these apps, all for $1.99, that look exactly the same and function exactly the same, they are just offered under different names, most likely by the same developer. Please do not give your money up for one of these apps.

iSendMMS App - 99 Cents

iSendMMS App

iSendMMS app may be attractive with it's 99 cent pricing, but there were a few things that bugged the hell out of us about this app. First of all, why doesn't the "To" section let you enter a phone number? The only thing we were able to do here was to select a contact from our address book. A serious design flaw. We just can't wrap our heads around why this app won't let you enter a phone number into that To field. Secondly, the app has been updated slightly since the screenshot that we have above, and the text in that dotted circle says "Insert Pic Here" now. We kept tapping this section but nothing worked. Why have the text say "Insert Pic Here" if you can't touch this section of the app and have it bring up your picture library? This is just bad user interface design. And last, but not least, you have to enter your Name and your phone number into the Settings page before you can send a message. This informaiton gets entered into the From field automatically, something we weren't too happy about. What if you wanted to send a picture message anonymously? Or what is iSendMMS going to do with your name and email address information? It doesn't say anywhere what they might do with this information.

Free Photo Texting (MMS) App - 99 Cents

Free Photo Texting MMS iPhone App

Ok, we might have been wrong when we said that "MMS Free App" has one of the ugliest interfaces of any iPhone app. Free Photo Texting (MMS) app's interface looks like someone from the Matrix took an iShit and this app was the result. It also requires your email address, your email accounts password, SMTP server, and more in the settings menu. You might as well just email someone a picture instead of buying this app. It sucks.

Texter App - 99 Cents

Texter iPhone App

I don't think picture messaging is really the main focus of the Texter iPhone app, but it does allow users to send picture messages, so we felt it was worth checking it out at first. It's not an awful app, like Free Photo Texting (MMS) app, but we're not a fan of this app. It's interface is ugly and its more for text messaging. Also, it makes you enter your email information.

(There is also an MMS app called MMS Buddy for $4.99 in the App Store that some people think is a free picture messaging app, but beware, that's NOT what it is. Please read the description. It's an app for the original iPhone users who don't have picture messaging support and still have to view their picture messages at a special website AT&T has setup for these users.)

We sincerely hope that you found this roundup of free picture messaging apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch to be informative. We spent our own money on all of these apps while doing market research for PixDrop's app to try to save YOU money and to help you make an educated decision about which free picture messaging app to choose for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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