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iPhone MMS Update & AT&T

In early 2009 when Apple announced the iPhone 3.0 update, one of the main features was the addition of MMS picture messaging for the iPhone (about time, right?). However, there was a little asterisk at the bottom of the slide - AT&T would not be able to support MMS off the bat! Tens of other countries had no problem rolling out MMS picture messaging support for the iPhone, yet AT&T, America's largest carrier said it would be available sometime before the end of Summer 2009, months after the iPhone OS 3.0 was scheduled to launch.

What Was Taking AT&T So Long?

Apparently AT&T's database was not setup to automatically enable MMS support on iPhone customers accounts. It's unclear to us how it had to be done, because manually processing millions of accounts seems beyond insane, but this is AT&T's story.

The real problem was that the end of Summer was approaching quick and AT&T had still not set a date for picture messaging support for the iPhone. Eventually, AT&T set the date as September 25th, 2009. The problem with this is that this is actually 3 days after the end of Summer, which ends on September 22nd, 2009. AT&T actually missed their promised deadline by a few days. The good news was that AT&T actually started to roll out picture messaging in some areas ahead of schedule. So while not all iPhone users were without picture messaging at the end of Summer, some were still left up the creek without a paddle so to speak and AT&T didn't make good on their initial target date.

The iPhone MMS Update For AT&T Users

Most iPhone users were required to update to Apple's iPhone OS 3.1.0 update to FINALLY enable picture messaging for the iPhone. However, some saavy users were able to enable MMS support by installing a carrier file that contained AT&T's MMS settings for their iPhones and skipping the 3.1.0 update.

Why would a user want to skip the 3.1 update? One particular reason was that some iPhone 3.0 users also enabled tethering for their iPhone's to take advantage of AT&T's 3G internet connection on their laptops, giving users access to high speed internet anywhere they have AT&T 3G coverage.

As of October 1st, 2009 most iPhone users have reportedly updated their iPhones, in one way or another, to enable MMS picture messaging on their iPhones. For the first time, iPhone users are able to fully take advantage of their high res camera phone and video recording capabilities.

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