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Blackberry MMS Support: Lost In Translation

The Blackberry models are unique beasts in the cell phone and PDA marketplace. Though they look similar and offer much of the same functionality of other PDA's, there are a few important differences; Namely, the manner in which MMS support is handled. Customers who prefer to use their Blackberry devices for phone calls and text messaging can do so through a standard subscriber plan with most of the major wireless carriers. However, if they want to send and receive multimedia messages, the waters become murkier.

The Blackberry Data Plan Controversy

Some wireless carriers promote the Blackberry by claiming it offers MMS support. This is only partly true. When subscribers purchase a Blackberry, the standard plan allows phone and text functionality. However, while the Blackberry is arguably defined as "MMS capable," sending pictures, voice and video requires a "data plan" which typically includes an extra monthly charge. Many subscribers have criticized carriers for being less than forthcoming in their advertising about the Blackberry's MMS support.

When Advertising Is Misleading

Adding to the controversy is the fact that some carriers limit the MMS functionality offered by the Blackberry. For example, Verizon customers have been chagrined to find that even though their Blackberry devices are "MMS capable," Verizon doesn't deliver the multimedia messages to the PDA's. Instead, these customers receive a text message that alerts them that a MMS message was sent to them. To view it, they're required to login to vzwpix.com. In effect, Verizon doesn't allow an "MMS capable" device to display multimedia messages.

Recently, Blackberry users have reported that sending and receiving MMS messages can be done without charge through T-Mobile. Doing so requires that the T-Mobile subscriber ask a customer service representative to turn on a "BlackBerry Feature Enabler" function. The only requirement is that the subscriber must already have an SMS messaging service on their T-Mobile wireless plan.

Confusion Abounds

The Blackberry MMS support issue remains filled with inconsistencies. While AT&T promotes the devices as "fully MMS capable," it's impossible to take advantage of the service without paying an additional monthly charge for a Blackberry Data Plan. Meanwhile, Verizon advertises the Blackberry as offering MMS support, yet requires customers to access their messages by logging into vzwpix.com. By contrast, T-Mobile has begun allowing its customers to send and receive MMS messages for free, but requires them to proactively call a customer service representative to turn on the "BlackBerry Feature Enabler" option. Though Blackberry enthusiasts hope to enjoy free MMS functionality in the future, the direction of the Blackberry's support of MMS remains unclear.

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